1.  All memberships have a 48hr cooling off period.

2.  All memberships can be put on hold for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 4 weeks. We require 7 days notice minimum for all membership holds.

3.  We only require 30 days notice to cancel your membership account. This allows us to find a replacement person and allows that new person the time to complete their 2 week trial prior to starting their new membership.

4.  We require 30 days notice to down grade your membership i.e. If changing from Unlimited to Limited, or if you intend on purchasing a concession card. All membership upgrades can be arranged on a weekly basis.

5.  Live Elite Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel memberships and agreements at any time, for any or no reason.  If a membership is terminated immediately all services not delivered will be fully refunded, and or all services not paid for will be fully collected.

6.  We are bound by the Law regarding medical incapacity.

7.  All memberships include the exclusive copy right to Live Elite Pty Ltd, for any content, information, or property that is created by and the rightful property of Live Elite Pty Ltd.  To distribute any such property with out the full approval of all Live Elite Pty Ltd Directors, may result in legal action.

8.  By Law IAW the Live Elite Pty Ltd leasing agreement of 41 Taree St, for insurance purposes, as well as legal reasons, Live Elite Pty Ltd do not and can not authorise any business or person to market, practice, sell, or conduct any business type matters inside or on the lot 41 Taree St.

9.  Billing account fees include:

# Are subject to change in accordance with EzyPay, the accounts company.

– $4.52 load fee (one off).

– $1.18 bank debiting fee (per debit).

– 2.77% or $1.31 bank debiting fee for Visa / Mastercard.

– 5.5% or $2.50 bank debiting fee for AMEX / Diners.

– $3.00 account maintenance (12 Weeks). # Including GST.

For all other membership details, including prices:
Live Elite CrossFit Membership Investment & Accounts.


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