Best CrossFit Membership Prices

On The Gold Coast


All memberships are paid for in advance.

All membership prices include access to our Physical Performance & Nutrition Tracking Software.

All membership prices don’t include account fees, please see “Billing Account Fees Tab” below more info.

All memberships on account include a 4 week notice to cancel.

All memberships include 1 bi-annual 4 week membership hold maximum. (1 Jan to 30 June and 1 July to 31 Dec).

For all membership enquiries, holds and or cancelations we require a digital record of all administrative matters so please contact us via email through our contact page email form.

Need A Temporary Hold Of Your Membership?

1.  All memberships on account include 1 bi-annual, 4 week maximum membership hold.

2.  We require 7 days notice minimum for all membership holds.

3.  Any membership hold is not inclusive of the 4 weeks notice to cancel.

4.  If you feel like your intent may be to cancel then please see the “cancel membership” tab to save yourself money.

Need To Change Your Membership?

1.  We require 30 days notice to down grade your membership, via email from our contact page.

2.  All membership upgrades can be arranged on a weekly basis.

3.  Please email us for any other “change of membership type” requirements.

Need To Cancel Your Membership?

1.  We require 4 weeks notice to cancel your membership & account.  This allows us to find a replacement person and allows that new person the time to complete their 2 week trial prior to starting their new membership.

2.  You still have full access to your membership during your 4 weeks notice.

3.  Membership cancellations will commence from 4 weeks after the date that Live Elite Pty Ltd receives an “official request to cancel membership” via email or through our contact page.

4.  If you prefer an immediate cancellation of your account, we require a $180 immediate cancellation fee.  You will still have 4 weeks full access to your membership from the date your final cancellation fee is received.

Live Elite Pty Ltd reserves the right to amend or cancel memberships and agreements at any time.

1.  Live Elite Pty Ltd may terminate your membership and account at any time.  This is to protect Live Elite Pty Ltd business interests and legal obligations.

2.  If a membership is terminated immediately all services not delivered will be fully refunded, and or all services not paid for will be fully collected.

Billing account fees include.

# Are subject to change in accordance with EzyPay, the accounts company, and may not be current on this page.

– $4.75 load fee (one off).

– $1.18 bank debiting fee (per debit).

– 2.911% or $1.31 bank debiting fee for Visa / Mastercard.

– 5.810% or $2.75 bank debiting fee for AMEX / Diners.

– $3.00 account maintenance (12 Weeks).

# Including GST.

Drop In Casual Attendance.

1.  All single session “drop in” visits are $25.00 cash paid in advance.

2.  Due to the nature of our Coaching standards and focus on our committed Members, please expect strictly limited personal Coaching time during your casual visits.  Our Coaches have been directed to focus on committed members.

3.  Our Coaches may reserve the right to scale, limit, restrict, or stop any Casual attendee from participating in any part of the session.  This is for safety and legal purposes.

4.  No refunds are available for Casual attendees.

Exclusive Gold Coast Holiday Visitor Temporary Membership.

1.  Holiday “Drop In Fees” can add up and become an unnecessary expense.  We offer all experienced CrossFit enthusiasts a week-to-week, unlimited classes, membership at a super discounted price, compared to normal drop in fees.

2.  See our promo deal to save yourself some money.
Gold Coast Holiday CrossFit Promo

Non Member Open Gym & Use Of Own Programs.

1.  Non Members do not have access to open gym class times.  This is due to insurance requirements and quality maintenance for our  members.

2.  We do not allow the use of personalised training programmes during our scheduled class times.  If you are a Competition Athlete and require time to train using your own program, please contact us to arrange in advance.

3.  You may be required to invest in a temporary membership i.e. $45 for a week of unlimited membership use.

4.  Please email us in advance to organise any additional or special requirements.

For further membership details please visit Membership Terms & Conditions.


5:30-6:30am Mon-Fri
9:00-10:00am Mon-Fri
4:30-5:30pm Mon-Fri
5:30-6:30pm Mon-Thurs
6:30-7:30pm Mon-Thurs
5:30-7:00pm Fri
7:00-8:00am Sat



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