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17 FEBRUARY 2017


Our schedule applies to everyone, please respect our class times and daily schedule for the benefit of all members.

2017 Update:

FitKids classes have been cancelled until further notice.

Our “2 Week Fundamentals CrossFit Beginners Program” is for people whom need to learn the Live Elite CrossFit fundamental movements in a moderate intensity level that is designed for the absolute beginner fitness trainee, through to the person whom trains hard but has to have some fuel left in the tank for their professional and or personal matters post workout.

During the 2 Week programme you will be Coached through the foundation movements of CrossFit only.

We do not teach Olympic Weightlifting or Intermediate Gymnastics to people whom are on a trial or are new to CrossFit.

The focus of this programme is to safely and progressively educate you in our style of professionally Coached functional fitness and CrossFit methodology.

You may start this program on any day, Monday to Thursday during the 9:00am or 6:30pm class.

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Our “Lifestyle CrossFit” Program is for people who are familiar with and already super keen CrossFitterz. It is Constantly Varied, Functional Movement at High Intensity and this program is prepared in 12 Week blocks.

This program will provide you with the foundation movement skills and continue to educate athletes into progressing through the advanced CrossFit movements.

This means you can look forward to being in the best physical shape of your most recent life.

Our “Competition CF” is customised for people focussed on qualifying for the CrossFit Games and or whom have a particular passion to regularly compete at a RX standard in local CrossFit Competitions.

There is an achievable qualification process that includes completing 1 week of our Main Class “CrossFit Lifestyle” programme.

This is very important as we do not segregate our community and often our Competition RX Athletes will train side by side or even in the same workout as our regular members.

This foster’s a good sense of humility, that will be required by each Athlete when the “going get’s tough”.

It also showcases what is possible to our fellow CrossFitters whom then can strive to obtain a greater level of fitness.

All people whom volunteer for Competition Athlete Programming will have an additional fee incurred, relevant to the additional value added with the higher level of programming and services associated with any CrossFit Competition Athlete Programming, Coaching and Services offered.

To qualify contact us here by email Live Elite CrossFit Contact, Or come and see us at the Live Elite Compound 1/41 Taree Street, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast.


Open Gym time slots are available as part of our Unlimited Membership only.

If you are on a Casual Membership you will be required to check off one of your concessions.

The Open Gym time slots can be used for any training practice that a Live Elite athlete has been Coached through to a basic level of competence.

In addition a Live Elite athlete can follow their individual prescribed training program if so desired.

There will be no Coaching during Open Gym time slots and these time slots maybe cancelled at any time to accommodate other services.


3/75A West Burleigh Rd
Burleigh Heads



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