About Live Elite

Live Elite CrossFit

Founded on 1 November 2014 by Zeke Grove, James Toole & Royal Bryan.


We teach people how to get in the best shape of their most recent life using advanced programming, constantly varied, functional movement, across a broad spectrum of energy systems and movement patterns.


We have a common goal to help people become the best they can be through the idea and action of pursuing, experiencing, overcoming, achieving and celebrating a life lived with exceptional physical, mental and spiritual fitness.


The feeling after completing a tough CrossFit WOD is so overwhelming that you feel like you can do anything.


This feeling is what we believe CrossFit can do, to positively change a persons life.


Live Elite CrossFit is located at 1/41 Taree Street Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia.



Zeke Groves, James Toole & Royal Bryan founded Live Elite CrossFit on 1 Nov 2014, opening the Live Elite Compound for full services on 25 Nov 2014.


After working together as Coaches and then professionally consulting with each other during the preparation for the 2014 CrossFit “Sport of Fitness” Competition Season, Zeke-James-Roy discovered a common interest and passion for starting a unique community that is focussed on serving and empowering people to love fitness.


CrossFit plays a major part in each of our own lives and has taught us many lessons in how to overcome life’s many challenges.  




1.  Courage, to start something new and challenging.  Courage to overcome & conquer personal challenges.


2.  Community, to support each other in & out of the box.  Community to continue enjoying the experience.


3.  Humility, to raise the bar & go the extra mile.  To swiftly escape from personal ego traps that stagnate progress.


4.  Excellence, to act, adapt, conquer & achieve tough challenging and life changing goals.

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